Hanukkah celebrations

The main Hanukkah celebrations at the Nożyk synagogue will be held on Saturday, 24 December. The Jewish Community of Warsaw invites all members of the community for the communal lighting of the first Hanukkah candle, refreshments and an evening with games. We start at 17:00 hours. We encourage guests to bring some of their favorite board games!

Hanukkah is approaching. Let’s spend this special time together!

This year, members of the community, their families and friends will travel to the Ilan Hotel in Lublin for 25-26 December to participate in a unique Hanukkah Ball. The program includes lectures, meetings, Hanukkah jewelry making workshops, an unforgettable ball, delicious breakfast, luncheon and walking tours around Lublin.

Sign up still possible, do not miss this opportunity!

More information at: zapisy@jewish.org.pl