Kosher Poland

More than 1,700 kosher products can be found on the newly opened website The new list of kosher products has been developed for over a year under the strict supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Poland and with the enormous help of Rabbi Moshe Bloom.

The list will be updated every 3 months. Kosher Poland is a development of the Kosher Shelf website coordinated by Kalina Kościńska, who still will be putting up information on exciting new products. 14

As Kalina Kościńska says, the biggest challenge was the verification whether the products with the current kashrut certificates are indeed available in Poland and in which stores (the note on checking the codes on the packaging are worth reading). The next few months will require a lot of work because updating the previous list revealed that it is missing out on kosher jams, yoghurts or cream cheeses. The ongoing talks with several domestic producers give us hope for good news in the near future. Our goal is to give the members of our community the biggest choice possible.