Abraham Ostrzega

We invite you to visit the “Abraham Ostrzega” exhibition at the National Gallery of Art Zachęta and the Jewish Cemetery.

The inspiration for the exhibition was the work of Abraham Ostrzega — Jewish sculptor and culture animator active in pre-war Warsaw. He was a student of Henryk Kuna, and was recognised for his sepulchral sculptures — tombstones, several dozen of which can be found at the Jewish Cemetery in the Wola District in Warsaw.

Last autumn, during the preparative phase of the project, The Cultural Heritage Foundation in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Warsaw conducted the restoration of 24 tombstones by Ostrzega at the Jewish Cemetery. We don’t present neither the documentation of the artist’s works nor of the restoration works, only a map which redirects you to the cemetery at Okopowa street where Ostrzega’s sculptures can be seen in their natural surroundings.

A ticket to Zachęta will entitle you to enter the Jewish Cemetery (49/51 Okopowa Street), while a donation certificate from the Jewish Cemetery will allow you to enter Abraham Ostrzega’s exhibition at the Gallery.