Purim Ball

This year’s Purim Ball is organized jointly by the Jewish Community of Warsaw, JCC Warsaw, the Jewish Historical Institute, Hillel Warsaw and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland. The Ball will take place in the ballrooms of a sixteenth century palace located in Warsaw’s Old Town. The tickets have been sold out.

Reading of Megilat Ester will begin at 19:00 – both at the Nozyk synagogue, as well as at the site of the ball, where Rabbi Stas Wojciechowicz will conduct reading in Hebrew and Polish (admission to the reading is free).

The Ball will begin at 20:00 with the performance of interwar Warsaw musical hits by the Mała Orkiestra Dancingowa conducted by Noam Zylberberg. After their show, about 21:15 we invite you for a Purim Spiel. DJ Krzak will take the role of our musical MC, a kosher meat and vegetarian buffet will be available to guests and the bar will be serving drinks at reasonable prices. The event is planned to end at 2:00.

While wishing you a great time we kindly ask you for compliance with safety rules: a request not to bring large bags and backpacks and dangerous tools (even as an a part of costume) to the ball as well as other Purim events. We kindly ask for discretion as to the location of the Ball.  1