The Synagogue in Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In reference to the press publications in connection with non-admission of a group of Muslim youth from Germany to the Synagogue in Lublin, we would like to clarify the situation and recall the rules which are obligatory with regard to visiting the facilities that belong to us.

The Synagogue in Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva which the group from Germany was not permitted to enter, is located in hotel Ilan, which that day was entirely rented by the national soccer representation of one of the European countries and given at their exclusive disposal. In a situation that arose, the youth group was offered to visit the historic, XVI-century Jewish cemetery in Kalinowszczyzna street. The group took advantage of the offer- it was given the keys to the cemetery’s gate and visited it.The Synagogues which belong to the Jewish Community of Warsaw, being both a place of a religious worship as well as the centers of our community’s life, are accessible to visitors. Because of the interest they attract, we recommend checking beforehand on which days they are open to the public, and making a reservation sufficiently in advance. Just like in the case of places of religious worship of other faiths, there is no possibility to visit them during prayers, holidays or other closed events.

Anna Chipczyńska
President of the Jewish Community of Warsaw