History of the Yeshiva of the Lublin Magi

We are happy to announce that the Moses Schorr Foundation’s application for a grant for the preparation of a multimedia exhibition “The History of Yeshiva of the Lublin Magi” has been positively considered by the National Centre for Culture.

The exhibition will be located the in 5 rooms next to the Lublin Synagogue. The visitors will be able to see an introduction to Judaism, the history of the Jewish Community of Lublin, the life and achievements of Rabbi Meir Shapira, and even the recording of his songs, and at the site of the former library you will be able to study materials about the Yeshiva gathered all around the world, as well as pre-war texts translated from Yiddish. Because of the scale of the exhibition and variety exhibits the exhibition will in fact be a museum of the history of the Lublin Yeshiva. The exhibition will open in November.