Rabbi Moshe Bloom and Rebbetzin Chava Bloom

After four years in Warsaw the Bloom family – Rabbi Moshe Bloom and Rebbetzin Chava Bloom with children went back to Eretz Israel. We are very grateful for everything they did for the Jewish Community of Warsaw. We wish them good luck!

Rabbi Moshe Bloom was born in 1984 in Israel. He studied in Yeshiva in Yerucham and served in the Israeli Army as an officer. He obtained the qualifications in Jewish Studies and received a Rabbinical Semikhah just before coming to Poland.

Bloom Family came to Poland with three children and during their stay the family grew and we had the pleasure the share their simcha after two new babies were born.

Here in Warsaw, Rabbi was a Rosh Kollel –daily Torah studies. He joined the community’s activities with inexhaustible energy, he participated in the building the Warsaw Community with enthusiasm, he was attentive and respectful towards everyone, and became a person many of us turned to.


Thank you and see you soon!