An open letter from twelve Jewish organizations in Poland

Last Wednesday, Rabbis Szalom Dow Ber Stambler and Eliezer Gurary, together with Mr. Artur Hofman and Mr. Jonny Daniels, met with Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the president of the ruling Law and Justice party, as invited “representatives of Poland’s Jewish community.” According to Daniels, “It was an incredibly nice meeting, full of mutual understanding, during which we spoke about the history of the Jews and also about the future of the Jews in Poland.”

We do not deny the right of any Jewish organization or individual to meet with politicians and discuss Jewish issues. We do, however, call on such organizations and individuals to not present themselves, or allow themselves to be presented, as speaking “in the name of the Jewish community” without proper authorization.

We would like to make it clear that none of the persons named above represent the “Jewish community,” but at most, themselves or their own organizations – organizations which, like the otherwise deserving secular Jewish Social and Cultural Society, TSKZ, and the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement, have for whatever reasons allowed themselves to be designated as representatives of the Polish Jewish community in contacts with the world of politics.

They are doing this without our consent.

Sergiusz Kowalski, President, B’nai B’rith Poland
Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland
Leslaw Piszewski, President, The Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland
Anna Chipczynska, President, Jewish Religious Community of Warsaw
Joanna Sobolewska-Pyz, President, Children of the Holocaust
Tomasz Miedzinski, President, Jewish Veterans and Victims of the Second World War
Piotr Wislicki, President, Society of The Jewish Historical Institute
Jonathan Ornstein, Executive Director, JCC Krakow
Agata Rakowiecka, Director, JCC Warsaw
Krzysztof Urbański, President, Second Generation, Children of the Holocaust Victims
Golda Tencer, Director, Foundation Shalom
Grażyna Pawlak, Director, Moses Schorr Foundation