Yom Kippur – Forgiving and Being Forgiven

Shana Tova,

On Friday just before sundown all over the world Jews will gather together to ask each other and G!d for forgiveness. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you as the Chief Rabbi of Poland and as the individual Michael Schudrich to forgive me, forgive our community and forgive our nation. Perhaps I let you down or someone was cruel to you at synagogue Forgive us, none of us are perfect and all of us are lacking as long as we are not all together.

There is one other person who I would like all of us to forgive, this is often the hardest person to forgive – yourself. It is natural that in life that we don’t always live up to our own expectations, sometimes we even do things that are harmful to ourselves and in conflict with our beliefs. Now is the time of year when our hearts are full of enough love that we can even forgive ourselves. I invite all of us together to step forward bravely into this new year with hope and forgiveness. Let us start over together and create a year of unity and blessing.


Michael Schudrich

Chief Rabbi of Poland