Polin Museum. Estranged: March ’68 and Its Aftermath – temporary exhibition

“Estranged: March ’68 and Its Aftermath” exhibition, to be shown between 9 March and 24 September 2018, will explain the causes and the course of the anti-Semitic campaign that culminated in the expulsion of about 13,000 Poles of Jewish descent from Poland.

A metaphorical installation drawing upon the 1960s aesthetics of Warsaw’s Gdański Railway Station will be the focal point of the space describing the departures. It is a space of saying goodbye to Poland, where visitors will be able to hear oral history interviews. Separate sections will describe the life of refugees after leaving Poland.
The upper temporary exhibitions room will host an installation entitled March Archive, made up in the form of display cases containing items related to goodbyes and departures from Poland.
Apart from stories about the historical events, we will also present artistic works that interpret the March developments and emotions related to them.
Exhibition curators
Justyna Koszarska-Szulc, Natalia Romik
Exhibition space design
Kolektyw SENNA: Piotr Jakoweńko – graphics, Sebastian Kucharuk – architecture, Natalia Romik – design
Among the materials presented at the exhibition, they were also founded
by the Jewish Community of Warsaw.