Statement on the Katyń Massacre Memorial in Jersey City

With deep sorrow and disbelief we learned about the plans to remove the Katyń Massacre Memorial in Jersey City that commmerates the victims of the mass murder carried by Soviets perpetrators during World War II of around 22 000 soldiers of the Polish army, who were among the first ones to fight against German Nazism. Remembering this genocide is a moral obligation of each and every person. Among the murdered by a shot in back of the head were Roman Catholics, Christian Orthodox and other Polish citizens of different faiths. All were Polish soldiers who fought together against the common enemy, were murdered together and lie together in the Katyń mass grave. They had a common fate and their common remembrance should unite.

As the Jewish Community of Poland, we believe it is our moral obligation to remember all victims of this massacre in Poland and abroad, including in Jersey City. We do not understand and do not agree with the plans of the removal of their Memorial.

Lesław Piszewski


Union of Jewish Communities in Poland

Anna Chipczyńska


Jewish Community of Warsaw

Michael Schudrich

Chief Rabbi of Poland