Everyone adult (over the age of 18) who is, according to the Law of Return, entitled to apply for Israeli citizenship may become a Community member.

The only condition is that at least one of their grandparents is or was Jewish. Thus, you do not have to be a Halachic Jew, i.e. be Jewish after your mother, to become a Community member. Moreover, neither specific knowledge on Jewish history and religion or Hebrew language nor extra knowledge or experience is necessary.

It is worth stressing that the Community is open to all Jews, irrespective of their religious engagement. However, a Community member cannot be already enrolled in other religious association and must have Polish citizenship.


You have to download a membership declaration from the website or collect it from the Community’s office.

You have to present the documents proving yours or your (grand)parents Jewish origins to the Jewish Community office. It can be pre-war birth, circumcision, Jewish marriage or divorce certificate; name change certificate, documents certifying interment on Jewish cemetery or membership of Jewish organizations etc. If you do not have such documents, the rabbi conducts an interview with you. Then you have to acquire two more Community members signatures and then submit all documents in the Community’s office. Once in a couple of months the Board of Jewish Community organizes meetings at which new members are officially accepted. After you have had a conversation with the Board and paid the annual membership fee of PLN 50, you can collect your membership card.