The Board

Our Kehillah (Jewish community) is the central organization for the local Jewish society. It is a member of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. The Jewish Community od Warsaw, with a branch in Lublin, is the largest one in the Union.

I. Act of 20 February 1997 on the Relation of the State to the Jewish Religious Communities in the Republic of Poland.

ACT; complete Polish text in PDF format

II. Decree of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy and the Minister of National Education dated 11 March 1999 on Days off from Work or School for Persons Belonging to Churches and Other Religious Associations for Celebrating Religious Holidays Other than Public Holidays (Journal of Laws No. 26, item 235)

DECREE; complete Polish text in PDF format

Community Board

At the completion of its four year term of office, a new Board of the Jewish Community of Warsaw was elected by the General Assembly of the community members held on 10 June.


The newly elected executive Board of the Jewish Community of Warsaw includes:


Lesław Piszewski – President

Anna Bakuła – Treasurer

Anna Dodziuk – Member of the Board

Grażyna Majer – Member of the Board

Elżbieta Magenheim – Member of the Board