An active, kosher mikveh for men and women, operated by the Jewish Community of Warsaw can be found in the cellar of the of Nożyk Synagogue at 6 Twarda Street.
What is a Mikveh?
Mikveh means collection. In physical terms, it refers to a pool that is used to collect “natural” water, untouched by human hands such as rainwater or water from rivers and underground springs.
Culturally, a mikveh is of such significance that the rabbis of Talmud ruled that if a community has neither a mikveh nor a synagogue, building a mikveh takes priority over erecting a synagogue.
Practically, a mikveh is used by both Jewish men and women who immerse in it before certain holy acts. Though it looks like a bath, it’s not. When Jewish law mandates the use of a mikveh, the user must be perfectly clean and bathed before immersion. A mikveh is a spiritual tool; it has no association with hygiene.
The mikveh can also be used for the immersion of the newly purchased vessels.
We rely upon your financial assistance, tsedakah for operating costs.
Women – 20 $ or EURO,
Men – 10 $ or EURO.
Persons wishing to use of the mikveh, please contact via email mykwa@jewish.org.pl at least one day in advance.