Since 2004 the Chief Rabbi of Poland is Michael Schudrich, who came to Poland from New York. Since 2000 he is also the Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz. In Warsaw he takes care of the Nożyk Synagogue. In 2017 four rabbis have been working in Warsaw. One of them is Stas Wojciechowicz who was born in Tashkent. Since 2010 he has been serving the Ec Chaim Synagogue of Warsaw’s Jewish

According to Jewish tradition, the tent that Abraham built was open on all four sides, so that guests would have a choice on how to enter his home. Our 613 micwot (commandments), can be understood as 613 different ways to be Jewish. This community provides education and knowledge to comprehend what it means to be Jewish. It also lets anybody with Jewish roots in Poland to find their own way of expressing Judaism.

Rabbi Michael Schudrich

Nowadays various streams of Judaism live under the same roof of the Jewish Community of Warsaw. The tradition speaks about seventy images of Torah, unique and genuine to every possible extent. Each member of the Community have the ability to choose an individual Jewish path, according to their spiritual, cultural and social needs.

Rabbi Stas Wojciechowicz