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Jewish Community of Warsaw


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Statemant and prayer after murder of Eyal, Gild and Naftali

Read more...We, the Jewish Community of Poland, join together with the rest of the Jewish world and with all those people who are outraged at the murder of three youth. Yet, here in Poland, we have an additional responsibility to remember, mourn and warn the world concerning the execution of Jews. We have lost too many Jews to hatred. Enough! No person with any sense of morality can permit the world to return to normal until the world will not accept the murder of Jews as normal.

Tonight (1.07.2014) at 7 pm people of Warsaw of good will gather to pray and to mourn the murder of three Jewish youth.


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Kiddush in honor of Warsaw’s Chevra Kadisha

Read more...Kiddush in honor of Warsaw’s Chevra Kadisha.
In the past, present and future.

On the 7th of Adar God buried Moses.

That day became the “chevra kadisha” day.

You are welcome to join us on the 08.02.2014 (8th of Adar 1), 10.00-12.00, in the Nożyk Synagogue.

Shabbat service, dedicated to Chevra Kadisha members.


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“Kaddish for a million bucks” – statement


“Kaddish for a million bucks” – statement: http://www.jewish.org.pl/rest/?lang=en


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Statement in connection with articles in Polish edition of „Forbes”, of September 2013

Read more...Statement in connection with articles in Polish edition of „Forbes”, of September 2013, concerning allegations relating to Jewish communal restitution.

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Read more...The Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland was surprised to learn from the media that the European Jewish Association has decided to call on Poland’s ombudsman to challenge the country’s Constitutional Court with the issue of whether the current ban on ritual slaughter is consistent with the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedoms.

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