Community membership is open to persons entitled to apply for Israeli citizenship, according to the Law of Return (the condition being that at least one of their grandparents is/was Jewish), and to persons who completed their conversion to Judaism under the auspices of one of the rabbis of the Community. Being a holder of Polish citizenship is another Community membership requirement. New members are not required to demonstrate any specific knowledge of Jewish history or religion, of Hebrew or Yiddish, or of any other additional knowledge or experience. The Community brings together Jews regardless of their degree of religiosity. However, a Community member may not be a member of any other organized religion. A person wishing to become a member of the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw needs to:

  • download the membership declaration; membership declaration [PDF file, in Polish];
  • provide documents proving their own, their parents’ or grandparents’ Jewish ancestry. These may include: a pre-war certificate of birth or circumcision, or Jewish marriage or divorce in the family; a document of name change; a certificate of burial in a Jewish cemetery or of membership in a Jewish organization, and other. In the absence of the aforementioned documents, the candidate needs to meet with a rabbi who will conduct a detailed interview with them;
  • obtain the signatures of two Community members on their Community membership declaration;
  • submit all documents with the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw Office;
  • meet with one of the Community Board members. Decisions on granting Community membership are adopted by resolution of the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw Board Meeting. Community membership is confirmed by a membership card, which a new member receives upon payment of the annual fee of PLN 50.00. Community members wishing to take full advantage of their membership privileges should remember to pay in the annual fee and to have their membership cards renewed at the Community Board Office.

Dues can be paid at the Community cashier’s office, open Mondays through Thursdays 9:00am-4:00pm, and Fridays 9:00am-2:00pm, or by wire transfer to the account of the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw.

Account number: 90 1240 1066 1111 0000 0006 3904

Jewish Community in Warsaw
Twarda 6, 00-105 Warszawa
Tel. (+48) 22 620 43 24

Tax number: 5252133200
Account number: 90 1240 1066 1111 0000 0006 3904 PLN
Iban PL: 10 1240 1066 1787 0010 0033 1240 USD Swift PKOPPLPW

Project: Helena Czernek
Photos: Max Meir Mroz