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The Senior Citizen’s Club of the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw is open to all the members aged 50-plus. Seniors have their share in the club’s development as they decide on its program and provide their feedback on the meetings, classes and lectures it offers; they also submit their ideas and communicate their needs. The Club’s daily program includes various activities: from morning coffee and tea to workshops, lectures, movie screenings and discussions. The participating seniors are provided with medical and physiotherapy care. They can receive medical advice and a massage, and participate in calisthenics classes led by certified physiotherapists. The Club members go on trips and to philharmonic concerts, cinemas and museums together. The rabbis of the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw hold cyclical educational meetings at which the seniors can prepare for upcoming holidays and expand their Judaic knowledge. The “Club’s Birthday” is celebrated in March of each year while the seniors celebrate their respective birthdays here throughout the year.


The Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw operates its multi-generational ‘Bejtejnu’ Community Club, where the members and friends of the Jewish community can find a space for themselves: be it a quiet workspace or an opportunity to spend their leisure time, participate in integrative activities, lectures or meetings with invited guests.


The Community helps its members who find themselves in financial difficulties or otherwise challenging circumstances by offering financial assistance and material support. The Community is also able to provide professional legal advice, crisis response support and volunteer assistance.

GEMILUT CHESED Financial Assistance and Loan Fund The Financial Assistance and Loan Fund assists the Community members in financial and existential difficulties by granting financial aid and interest-free loans. The Board of Directors of the Fund adopts its decisions by majority vote, after review and consideration of properly submitted applications.

The Kosher Pantry Program The Kosher Pantry Program was launched in March 2019 as an initiative of the Office of Rabbi Michael Schudrich in cooperation with the Social Welfare Department of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. Rabbi Michael Schudrich obtained sponsors for the Kosher Pantry Program and established a cooperative relationship with Yad Ezra. The Kosher Pantry collects kosher food, which can then be picked up free of charge at an agreed upon time or home delivered by a volunteer. This assistance program is addressed primarily to the needy who do not qualify for permanent forms of assistance, such as those offered under the Victims of Nazism assistance programs. The parcels are dedicated to: Righteous Among the Nations and to the Community members in financial and existential difficulties.


The Community acts through its volunteers, who help the lonely, disabled and individuals requiring care. The volunteers are not limited in their work to strictly caregiver tasks; they devote their time and energy to helping those in need. The volunteers deliver kosher meals to persons who do not leave their homes. They run errands for the elderly and sick, and they assist with medical appointments. They also help distribute food packages as well as special holiday packages. We sincerely thank all of the Community’s volunteers for their gifts of time, kindness and commitment!

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